Use coupon code "WELCOME" for 25% off your first order!
Use coupon code "WELCOME" for 25% off your first order!
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Welcome to the creative chaos! I'm Noelle, and I love to make things.

I've been doing creative work for as long as I can remember, from modeling clay and marker drawings as a little girl to jewelry and painting as an adult, and lots of other things in between. I studied art in college but am mostly self-taught. Nowadays I like to work with polymer clay for jewelry and acrylic paint for art, because they are both so colorful and versatile. I love being able to create basically whatever I want, with my own hands, from a blob of material. Much of my work is inspired by the natural beauty around me.

My shop started on Etsy several years ago (please see or for product reviews). I've learned a lot along the way, not only about how to improve my craftsmanship, but how to run a business. I strive to treat each customer like a friend, because you are the ones who allow my work to continue, and help me to share this part of myself with the world.

I'm currently living in Tennessee with my husband Joe and our two cats, my constant sources of support and encouragement. When I'm not busy creating, I also like cooking, gardening, various DIY projects, thinking too much, and watching Netflix.